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 15·02·2016  Clean Code in Action - Codemotion Rome 2016

Iscriviti adesso al workshop di Nis Clean Code in Action: develop  quality applications, faster! tenuto da Carlo Bonamico al Codemotion Rome il 17 marzo 2016

As developers, we often feel that we are always asked for more: more  features, more bugfixes, more code to get our application done, faster.  In the workshop you’ll learn first hand how applying Clean Code and  Design Principles will help you complete solid & maintainable  applications in less time.

Centro Congressi Cavour
Via Cavour, 50/a – Roma

Carlo Bonamico
Carlo’s passion for Software began with a C128, then grew with Linux, Java/JavaScript, web & enterprise apps, and now cloud & security. After a PhD and research experience at the University of Genova and the CNIT National TLC Research Consortium, and an exciting time at startup Eptamedia, he’s now a Solution Architect and Senior Trainer at NIS s.r.l.. His personal communication style as an architect and trainer, both technically precise and able to present in an engaging way complex topics to an heterogeneous audience has been appreciated online and at many events from Devoxx to Codemotion.

We are often asked for more features, more bugfixes, faster. But is “running” always the fastest way to get things done? For a mountain climber, “running” means more mistakes, falling off more often,thus proceeding more slowly. So like a climber gets to the top through a continuous chain of small, safe steps, we can improve coding by making design & implementation steps clean, safe and incremental. In the workshop, starting from concrete examples, you will learn first hand how applying Clean Code and Design Principles will help you complete more solid & maintainable applications in less time.
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